Dr. Jenna Davis

Create Your Own Baby Boom

Would you love to see more babies and kids in practice?  The climate is changing around the world when it comes to pediatric chiropractic but this is when chiropractic is needed more then ever. Dr. Jenna will share some unique approaches and communication strategies for infants to teenage years. She will discuss different assessments and things to screen for such as tongue-tie, PIPS Technique, Infant TMJD and retained primitive reflexes that will set you apart and make you a sought after referral partner. Finally marketing tools will be discussed to create a vacuum and a wait list for your practice. You will leave ready for Monday morning with increased understanding, certainty and armed with the tools necessary to create, grow and retain your pediatric practice for lifetime care.

Dr. Jenna Davis is an international speaker, author, full-time practicing chiropractor, mom and chiropreneur. She is one of the top Chiropractors focusing on pediatrics and has some amazing tools to help you become THE cultural authority in your community.  She has created a referral network that has broken through all multi-disciplinary barriers and continues to help other Chiropractors do the same around the world.