Billy Sticker

“The Facebook Marketing Formula”

Billy started his career in sales.  Wanting to be the best he could be, he began reading everything he could on subjects like sales, marketing, leadership, and success.  He didn’t just read these books; he studied them, and put them into practice.

Following his expertise, Billy became the director of marketing for a multi-practice chiropractic office.  Due to his extensive research put into practice, they immediately started seeing great results. He decided to document the success and wrote a marketing book for chiropractors in just three short weeks.  He then realized he had a true talent and gift and began helping other doctors market their practice and publish their own “leading authority” book.

Billy now has 4 published books and developed a system for helping healthcare providers market their local practice on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram.  In addition, he founded a coaching community for chiropractors, C4: ChiroCandy Coaching Community) and his podcast, ChiroCandy, is listened to by thousands of chiropractors every week in over 100 countries worldwide.  He also travels teaching chiropractors how to use FaceBook Marketing Strategies To Impact Their Communities and How To Write A Book To Become THE Recognized Authority.